Electro Filter for Industrial Coal Smoke

(Gaziantep- Akın Bulgur- 2 tons of coal per hour)

Many countries in the world, including Turkey, depend on coal and other fossil fuels to produce electricity. Fly ash emission is the natural result of the burning of fossil fuels particularly coal. Ash is the mineral substance in the coal. 60-80% of the ash is separated with chimney gas for the coal unit that is pulverized. Historically, as the fly ash emissions are easily seen during they are going through the chimneys, they have been got the biggest social reaction. Two emission control devices for fly ash are traditional bag filters and newer electro filters. Bag filters have very high costs. (Life of the bag filters are between 18 and 36 months. But they can be temporarily cleaned by being shaked with air or rewashed).
These fabric filters are the big structures by their nature that is resulted with a great pressure which reduce the plant productivity. Collection productivity of electrostatics flocculants is 99%. But it doesn’t work well for fly ash that has high electrical resistance. (Generally, as a result of the burning of low sulphuric coal). In this case, chimney heat may need to be reduced under 100 C according to the type of the coal. In addition, designer mustn’t allow the unburned gas to enter the electro filter, because gas may catch fire. Comb experiment that is done at the elementary school which lifts paper from the ground does for showing the basis of an electro filter. In these experiments, a kind of electrostatics collector and electrostatics selector is created. Same principle is used to keep environment clean in the present day.
Chimney gases which are loaded with fly ashes are sent from the pipes having negative loaded plates that give negative loads to the particles. Then particles are passed near positive loaded plates that pull positive loaded ash particles or grounded plates. Specks stick to the positive plates until they are collected. Air coming from the plates is cleaned from the harmful contaminator.

Electrostatics filters are used not only at service applications but also at cement (dust), paper mache (salty cake and powdered lime), petrochemicals (sulphuric acid mist- Eti Maden Bandırma) and steel (dust and smokes- Iskenderun Demirçelik). Our firm successfully realized the production of electrostatics filter ionizers belonging to Iskenderun Demir Çelik factory. Likewise, repair- maintenance and technical support is given for sulphuric acid filters that are used at Eti Maden Bandırma factory where Siemens products are used. We also produced repair- maintenance and partial parts of electrostatics fitler belonging to the boiler having 2 tons of coal burning capacity per hour in Akıncı Bulgur, Gaziantep. Apart from these, factories where Siemens products are used exist that we are the authorized dealer and carry out the service.