karbon gerektirmeyen elektrostatik filtre

What is Electrostatic Filter? – Electrostatic Filter History

Electrostatic filter, which is a kind of dust smoke filter known as flueless hood, flueless filter, smokeless chimney, is used as restaurant and kitchen filtration wood coal smoke and dust filter.

The working principle of the electrostatic filter is practically like the comb with which we comb our hair, removing light pieces of paper from the floor or the tubular televisions pulling dust and smoke particles entering it with high voltage power, such as pulling the surrounding dust, the hair of our arms or our hair to the screen.

Electrostatic Filter has a history of about 130 years. The first large-scale industrial application of the electrostatic filter was carried out in 1885 by Walker and Hutchings, based on the observations and experiences of British electrical physicist Sir Oliver Lodge.

Afyon Sugar Factory Electrostatic Filter Agent in Turkey for the first time in 1987 by Electronic Mehmet and Mustafa Karim Çınarlı.

Electrostatic filters As with all our parts are our own production in 1987, can be obtained from Turkey.

Our spare parts are in abundance in the market.